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The collection of Oro mattresses is an elegant symbol of the confident person, who does not compromise on quality and style.

The collection of Verde mattresses symbolizes the person, who is inspired, fresh, and closely connected with nature.

The collection of Nero mattresses represents a modern person, who is always young and lives as a dynamic pioneer.






Like all authentic Italian products, our company, which is currently a large-scale enterprise, was arising as a family business, and it took some time to grow and develop into a modern corporation.

Filippo Sarto was born in a Tuscan family of modest means in 1917. He had many relatives and, like a lot of other young people of the postwar period, he left for America in search of better fortune. For 10 years Filippo was making his way to happiness and success, working at furniture factories and changing positions. Perhaps the world would have never known about the Belsonno brand and its creator. However, it happened that Filippo Sarto met his Beatrice. The young girl arrived in America as a small child. Her heart's desire was to see her homeland, while Filippo wanted to see Beatrice happy. So, he changed his plans for the happiness of his beloved girl and, together with her, returned to Italy in 1945, finding his country in postwar ruins. Next was a wedding against the background of incredible Tuscan landscapes, accommodation arrangements, adaptation to the realities of life in homeland, attempts to support the family. And taking advantage of his diverse American knowledge and experience, Filippo started sewing cotton mattresses.

Beatrice worked as a seamstress assistant and took some orders home in a private manner. And as it happens in all good stories, luck came out. Beatrice brought home a beautiful cloth to work on the client’s order.

The dress was supposed to be sewed of the beautiful brocade fabric and worn during special occasions. Filippo saw the fabric and was inspired by its beauty. He came up with an idea to create a novelty mattress that, like clothes, would become a fashion piece.

The first brand-name models were simple cotton mattresses covered with beautiful fabric. Suddenly, the idea of Filippo and Beatrice became popular, and the mattresses covered with good silk or brocade fabric became desirable by lots of wealthy fashion-mongers. This is how the history of the brand Belsonno began. Filippo worked to find new ideas for mattress fillings, and Beatrice was engaged in designing elegant covers. Time passed and life brought new mattresses with springs, foam and mixed fillings together with complicated technologies. Today, the company of the Sarto family has long overgrown a small house in the courtyard of Beatrice and Filippo. But some things remained unchanged.

Fashion and technologies are changing, while quality and style retain their high value forever.